Memory Quilts and Pillows

Collage Baby Clothes Quilt

A Memory Quilt is a wonderful way to preserve cherished memories of a loved one.  Quilt can be made from dress shirts, casual shirts, t-shirts or a combination.  A quilt can also be made to commemorate a special time in the life of a person.  I have made memory quilts for runners, college students, cheerleaders, high school graduates, and athletes.  In addition, I have made memory quilts of baby clothes for moms a gift  give a grown person a quilt made from their own baby clothes!   Contact me to explore your memory quilt creation or visit the Patti's Attic Facebook page for more pics and examples!

Creative Block Quilt

There are several ways to sew a memory quilt:

  1. The Creative Block quilt incorporates various squares, half square triangles and strips in a variety of colors that compliment the T-shirts provided. 
  2. The Traditional Block quilt is made from the same size blocks, and the stripping in-between the blocks is all the same color and size.    
  3. The Collage Block quilt is made from a variety of clothing.  This type of quilt works well with baby clothes as you can match an outfit together as a block. 
  4. The Necktie Quilt can be made in a variety of designs.  The Dresden Plate quilt pattern is a perfect design for the necktie quilt. 

Memory Necktie Quilt
Traditional Block Memory Quilt
Creative Block Memory Quilt
Memory Pillows

Memory pillows are another popular gift if you have a family member who would like to remember a person or event.  All shapes and sizes are available and can be made from T-shirts, dress shirts, casual shirts, or even sweatshirts!