Alteration Services:

  •  bridal
  •  formal gowns
  •  pant hemming
  •  take-in or let-out skirts, pants, dresses
  •  replace zippers
  •  sew on patches

Corset back refashion

Professional alteration services are provided by Patti's Attic.  Ever have a dress too small or better yet, too big?  It is my experience that many of the dresses ordered online do not fit properly or even zip up the back when received by client. 

There are ways to fix the dress to fit you perfectly for your special day or event!

  • Corset back refashion
  • Let side seams out or take in side seams
  • Shorten length
  • Add length with some creative fabric
  • Refashion sleeves
  • Adjust the bust
  • Wedding or prom gown bustles
  • Add an illusion neckline to the top of strapless dress

5 point bustle

Alterations, dressmaking and refashioning all use the same elements of design as seen in the refashioning of the Flag Corp group photos.  The zipper in the back was removed; the neckline recut; the zipper reinstalled; one sleeve was removed;  the skirt was removed and replaced with a knit sequined fabric that was also used for the sash and flutter sleeve.   I used the now unused sleeve to add length to some of the legs for the taller participants.

Old team uniform
The refashioned flag corp uniform
Alterations for Quincenerta dress
Look-alike AMG dress